What to expect from the blockchain world in 2022? | Footprint Analytics Annual Report 2021

2021 was an amazing year for the blockchain. The overall market cap of blockchain jobs exceeded $2 trillion, and Bitcoin’s rate touched a record high of $67,674.

On the other hand, Ethereum escalated 5x in rate after the London upgrade, while blockchain financial investment likewise grew, with cumulative financing for the year topping $30 billion.

We saw the surge of DeFi 1.0, followed by the growing multi-chain community and the fast growth of the stablecoin market.

2021’s Most significant Patterns

1. DeFi 2.0

The TVL of DeFi 2.0 jobs skyrocketed from absolutely no to $30 billion in 2021 within 8 months.

Composable DeFi Legos have actually ended up being a few of the crucial functions of blockchain applications—describing elements that can be integrated and incorporated throughout various platforms and apps.

DeFi 1.0 produced liquidity, LP tokens, and decentralized stablecoins as the very first generation of DeFi Legos. 2021 saw the increase of DeFi 2.0, which turned liquidity into a brand-new Lego portfolio for DeFi.

Footprint Analytics - TVL of DeFi 2.0 Projects soared from 0 to 30 Billion in 2021
Footprint Analytics – TVL of DeFi 2.0 Projects skyrocketed from 0 to 30 Billion in 2021

2. Cross-bridge

The TVL of ETH cross-bridge jobs exceeded $25 billion in 2021.

The growing multi-chain community has actually made the circulation of possessions throughout various chains an instant requirement.

Cross-chain bridge procedures are bridges to connect possessions throughout chains, enabling possessions to interoperate and move throughout chains effectively.

Footprint Analytics - TVL of ETH Cross-bridge Projects Surpassed 25 Billion in 2021
Footprint Analytics – TVL of ETH Cross-bridge Projects Exceeded 25 Billion in 2021

3. DAOs

(Decentralized Self-governing Organizations) went from cryptocurrency lingo to a real operating part of the blockchain market in 2021, with Uniswap DAO being the most prominent.

ConstitutionDAO promoted the principle of DAO to the masses, while other jobs brought DAOs to monetary, musical, and cultural spheres.

Footprint Analytics - Uniswap DAO Has Become a Highly Influential DAO.
Footprint Analytics – Uniswap DAO Has End Up Being an Extremely Prominent DAO.

4. NFTs 

NFT jobs’ month-to-month trading volume peaked at $5.5 billion in August and reached $21.5 billion in overall by the end of the year.

NFTs mark ownership of digital possessions in a decentralized method and have actually contributed in getting more individuals thinking about blockchain innovation.

From art antiques to music and other locations like the metaverse, NFTs will alter the method we experience the web, purchase and offer art, take in top quality items, and even produce and experience music.

Footprint Analytics - NFT Projects' Trading Volume Peaked at 5,586 Million in August
Footprint Analytics – NFT Projects’ Trading Volume Peaked at 5,586 Million in August


Embodying a brand-new category of play-to-earn video games, the GameFi sector integrates video gaming, financing, and NFTs.

Axie Infinity’s greatest single-day income in July even exceeded the greatest single-day income of the highest-grossing video game worldwide, Magnificence of Kings. Facebook altered its name to Meta, more driving the metaverse boom.

Footprint Analytics - GameFi Projects’ Trading Volume Increased More Than 28X in 2021
Footprint Analytics – GameFi Projects’ Trading Volume Increased More Than 28X in 2021

2021 Patterns That Are Anticipated to Continue in 2022

  • Interoperability
    • More jobs in 2022 will use universal facilities for blockchain interoperability
    • Cross-chain DeFi
  • Metaverse, Web 3.0(blockchain network facilities), NFTs, and GameFi
    • Web 3.0 facilities procedures are emerging and flourishing—e.g. calculation, storage, bandwidth and indexing.
    • NFTs with more energy, accessing to super-exclusive neighborhoods
    • Music NFTs
    • Brands and bigger business stepping up their experimentation with NFTs.
    • The most significant video gaming business moving into GameFi
    • Providing platforms beginning to accept metaverse land as security for loans
  • DAO
    • NFT + DAO,GameFi + DAO
    • Social tokens, self-sovereign identity, and decentralized identity being developed in the metaverse

New Trends Expected in 2022

  • The advancement and roll-out of more Layer 2 options will make Ethereum less expensive and much faster.
  • Monetary market advancements
    • More brand-new applications included with DeFi
  • Smart agreement socializing
    • Improvement of concrete possessions into digital possessions, composed contracts into on-chain agreements
  • Crypto payment
    • Increasing adoption from organizations and business
    • Making use of crypto for payments is anticipated to acquire more momentum in 2022
    • Stablecoins guideline

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Date & Author: Jan 14 2022, [email protected]

DataSource: Footprint Analytics

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