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Dear Dom, thanks for putting in the time to join me in this interview to inform our neighborhood on the Rainbow Token job. Can you provide us a short intro to you? What is your story, going back as far as you want?

I am a software application engineer and developer, having actually begun configuring when I was 12 years of ages. I initially entered into the world of innovation through computer game and rapidly ended up being attuned to structure and developing things through the lens of shows.

Why did you get associated with the cryptocurrency market, and where do you believe the market will remain in 5–ten years?

Cryptocurrency has actually constantly been something that has actually captivated me; nevertheless, as a great deal of you are most likely conscious it’s a 24/7 gig.

I believe in the next 5–ten years blockchain innovation will become part of our daily lives. Every day individuals are dealing with innovating in this area, and brand-new agreement algorithms are coming out assisting make these decentralized systems quicker, more secure, and more available.

Rainbow Token’s lead Dev and Creator: Dom

That’s incredible. Now can you provide us an intro to the Rainbow Token job and its history?

Rainbow Token as a cryptocurrency was ”created” in July over the period of a week. I had actually contracted COVID-19, and was housebound for 10 days and chose to do something efficient with my time and I established the whitepaper for it, pitched it to my group, and after that the rest was history.

So how did you get going with Rainbow Token, and why? Early on, did you see a chance to fill a space in the market?

A great deal of tokens today are run by unskilled designers or groups of online marketers that don’t truly comprehend the real tech that they are having fun with. In addition to that, since crypto is mainly combined to cash, you get a great deal of fraudsters and carpet pulls. Finally, no other token was making an active distinction utilizing approaches of charity. Due to all of the above, we understood that we might establish something that stuck out.

What have been the most significant obstacles for you and the Rainbow Token considering that you began the job?

The most significant difficulty for me has actually been attempting to stabilize my life in between my other task and my social life. As I have actually currently stated, crypto is 24/7, well-running a crypto job is 24/7. All of the duty and liability rests on you, and at the end of the day if something fails — you are the individual that individuals are going to follow. Luckily, however, I live for it and it’s something that offers me function and indicating to life — it likewise assists I like a difficulty!

Understood. Now what has been your biggest accomplishment so far, and what has been the most significant failure or obstacle personally or in the history of Rainbow Token?

My biggest accomplishment apart from developing an effective job with a fantastic neighborhood needs to most likely have the ability to favorably alter individuals who are less lucky lives. Among the very first charities we contributed to ’Rainbow Trust’ composed us a letter which was truly touching stating just how much it suggested to them, that is simply one reason I like the Charity procedure. I can’t state we’ve had any failures so far and ideally none to come, touch wood!

What is the next action for Rainbow Token in the next 1–2 years?

The next action for RAINBOW is to develop Kingdoms of Agard out NFT video game which I am really thrilled about, and past this, we have some really huge items that we wish to concentrate on.

Where can individuals support your service? Besides that, thank you for your time — any last words?

Our neighborhood is open to everybody, come sign up with the telegram and state hi, we are constantly about! If you are wishing to introduce your own token we’d like to assist and accommodate you as much as we can, we understand how tough it is getting a job off its feet!

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